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Daily Report Video 18/2/2016 0

Daily Report Video 18/2/2016

Sometimes I’m asked the sort of runs I do. Well this run was on a beautiful sunny winters day. I took in the roads that take me to two local bays. My videography isn’t...


Racing Time

A great little film based on the poem by Chris Woods In this short film an elderly runner traverses across rough terrain in extreme weather conditions, struggling with the elements, the landscape and ultimately...

Everything your soul really needs – Video 0

Everything your soul really needs – Video

If you could prioritize everything your soul really needs, everything would change   Shandi Kano // Be Bold from Nate Gunn on Vimeo.

The Burning Man Ultra 0

The Burning Man Ultra

A great article about a very individual event. The video below that is mentioned in the article is below also a video from the 2014 event at the bottom http://www.burningman50k.com/

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