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The Burning Man Ultra 0

The Burning Man Ultra

A great article about a very individual event. The video below that is mentioned in the article is below also a video from the 2014 event at the bottom

Summertime Shred – Ruby the Trail dog 2

Summertime Shred – Ruby the Trail dog

Another great video from Ruby the Trail Dog Myka is jealous as she wants a trailer like this. It’s in the Mendip Hills which I know well because when I used to mountain bike it...

Flaming Bagpipes 3

Flaming Bagpipes

Because I’ll never be as awesome as a Mohawked Man Playing AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on Flaming Bagpipes!!

The Runners 0

The Runners

This is a really interesting little film. As much as it’s about Runners it’s not about Runner’s. It’s interviews with Runner’s as they run around Victoria park in London. Just a very interesting little...

The Game of Chairs 0

The Game of Chairs

As both a Muppet and Game of Throne fans stumbling across this was fantastic. Sesame Street does Game of thrones. Now when the Sesame Street viewers are old enough to read the source material...

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