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Channel your Inner Stallone 0

Channel your Inner Stallone

The Rocky 50k. 150 runners channeled their inner Stallone to complete the Rocky 50k. A run that takes in Rocky’s training montage from Rocky 2

I want to be Overweight for Christmas! 0

I want to be Overweight for Christmas!

Numbers, I like numbers they can tell us a lot. So I thought I’d have a look at my numbers I started at the humongous (now that’s a great word) 333 pounds I have...

Life Adjustments 0

Life Adjustments

Life adjustments sounds painful doesn’t it. Up till a few weeks ago my life consisted of my daily tasks of caring for my ill and disabled wife and all the things involved with that...

Routines 0


It’s interesting for most people they like routines getting into one can be good for you mentally. Physically though too much of a routine can be detrimental to improving your fitness. I quite like...

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