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The Scottish Trouser Mountain 0

The Scottish Trouser Mountain

For those of us who have lost weight and are still losing we have a problem one I like to call ‘The Sack of Tatties Conundrum’. Just as you start feeling good about your...

Are you Ready to fail? 0

Are you Ready to fail?

I read around and I see so many people terrified to fail. Failure though is a good thing it should be welcomed and embraced because from failure we educate ourselves and learn. People some...

Never Again!! 0

Never Again!!

So just moved home. All I can say is never again, yes I’ve said it before but this time I mean it. I realised the other day in my 40 odd years I have...

Bad, Bad, Bad Food. 0

Bad, Bad, Bad Food.

I was reading some posts on the MFP forums and it got me thinking (yes I know that’s always dangerous). It seems to me that the reason the diet industry is such a cash...

Bodies are very Strange. 1

Bodies are very Strange.

You would think that when you lose weight you well lose weight. Let me be a bit clearer if you lose weight and get down to a weight you used to be clothes you...

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