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Chris Froome Data Published – Article 0

Chris Froome Data Published – Article

After Chris Frome’s impressive second win in the Tour de France this year and all the unsubstantiated rumours of drugs. Sky have released data of his performance on various tests. Personally it seems to...

Loch Gu Loch Swimrun 0

Loch Gu Loch Swimrun

This sounds like an interesting event. Though not sure about swimming in the lochs in September Brrrr! The events website is HERE    

Le Tour – Go Pro 0

Le Tour – Go Pro

As someone who as always is glued to this years Tour de France here is some great footage from the Sky team who are carrying Go Pro cameras on some of their bikes. Some...

Back on Track 2

Back on Track

Two years ago Mountain Bike trials rider and all over legend Martyn Ashton suffered an accident that left him paralysed from the waist down. This Video shows him back on a bike after two...

Macro Percentages are Meaningless 0

Macro Percentages are Meaningless

I’ve always said that the obsession with Macro percentages is pretty meaningless and that if you’re worried about Macros grams are the way to go. The reason for this is just some basic thinking....

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