All About Me Find out all about the man behind Vegan Runner :-)


So what is there to say about me? I Run and I’m a Vegan? These are two important things in my life one fuels the other but there is more. I felt though that these two things were so major the title had to include them. I’ve lost over 10 stone (141 pounds) in the past few years. This blog is about things that interest me about running and fitness is obviously a main thing but there will be more. My dogs will be mentioned (one of whom I run with) as could be films or Science Fiction. These are my opinions these are my thoughts and no one else’s. I will share pictures, articles and many other things. This is written primarily for me and the fact that anyone else reads it and is interested is an honour. The majority of it will be publicly viewable but the odd post wont be but you will be able to see it if you contact me and I give you a log in.

If you want to know about me you’ll hopefully learn via the posts but just a little more for you I am a 40 something man from the Scottish Islands who is the full time carer for my chronically ill and disabled wife. This obviously is my priority in life and it’s easy to feel isolated which is why I enjoy writing. My wife also does some crafting check out her activities HERE

Just to add please don’t be scared of the V word. I have made the ethical choice to be  Vegan. This blog is not about pushing my ethical philosophy on you. Yes I will mention it as it’s a major thing to me but I wont preach to you your dietary/life choices are a decision for you and I feel the best thing I can do to promote Veganism is just to live and show people how normal and easy it is. We also have a food blog that is undergoing a revamp which I will link to in the future.

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