How to Solve a Problem like Parkrun?

Vegan Runner

Hi, I'm D and I live with my wife Rosie, two dogs and three cats in The Orkney Islands, Scotland UK. I am a full time carer to my wife and I love to run, I am also interested in photography and art amongst other things.

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2 Responses

  1. Neil Ramsay says:

    Hi, my local parkrun, Newcastle, has pacers once a month and I believe your blog somewhat misunderstands the role of a parkrun pacer. It is not to pace an individual to finish first, as in a race, but to to encourage others to beat their personal bests. The top 30, or more, finish well before the first pacer. My 14 year old son was intent on beating the 21 minute pacer and getting as close as he could to the 20 minute pacer. He finished in 20.14, a full 4 minutes behind the winner. The 20 minute pacer would normally have been close to the front of the field if he wasn’t pacing. The 23 minute pacer was applauded for encouraging a parkrunner to beat their pb several years after they set their last. Newcastle has pacers up to the 30 minute mark. It will only be classed as a race if there is a prize for first place and that will never happen in parkrun.

  2. Vegan Runner says:

    Hi Neil, Thanks for reading and commenting. Your description is how I understood the Pacers at Parkrun worked. Similar to many other events with runners with time goals. I apologise if my writing was not clear enough on that point. The thing I was trying to say was non runners looking from the outside who see pacers (whether they are Pacing for 20 minutes or 30 minutes) it makes Parkrun look more like a race. It’s a perception thing if people start to believe it looks like a race that may cause friction with other users of the Parks. It’s not if it is officially a race or not it’s what it looks like to outsiders that could be an issue.

    Congratulations to your son on his PB

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