Minimal or Maximal? Who Cares Just Run

Vegan Runner

Hi, I'm D and I live with my wife Rosie, two dogs and three cats in The Orkney Islands, Scotland UK. I am a full time carer to my wife and I love to run, I am also interested in photography and art amongst other things.

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3 Responses

  1. Shana says:

    I agree completely. You need to wear the shoes that work for you whatever they are. I have to say I don’t know how people can run completely barefoot, no argument if they should or shouldn’t as it is up to them. I just don’t know how they can physically do it especially in the very cold weather or in places where there are very sharp stones and cactus and the like…

  2. Dianna says:

    I agree one should wear what’s comfortable. My problem is finding shoes that don’t have my foot falling a sleep 20 minutes in. Found a pair which I was able to wear about an hour before my foot started snoozing. A few times after that, I had to get off the elliptical and pace a round to wake it up. Got 80 minutes in…I may try some socks or barefoot on my next long Elliptical session.

  3. Dunky says:

    It may be worth looking at some with either a bigger toe box or maybe go for a bigger size. I find my feet swell a lot especially on longer runs. I normally wear half a size larger on long runs due to this

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